Portable Wood Fired Oven MAXIMUS

Wood fired Oven MAXIMUS


Our portable wood fired oven -  MAXIMUS - reaches a temperature range of 350ºC in 20 minutes. It is one of the fastest in the market. In addition, it weighs only 55 kg so it is 100% portable, for this reason it can be used at home as well as for camping cooking.

Are you ready to cook pizzas in 2 minutes? Our MAXIMUS Oven -  is designed to make bread, fish, roast, grill, among other dishes, within a few minutes.

Maximus is a modern, portable pizza oven which allows you to cook indoor or outdoor, whether cooking pizza or other tradicional dishes our wood fired oven bring friends and family together.

Its performance has been a true success since we have launched our online store. Our portable wood burning oven – MAXIMUS - is the choice of clients who desire fast, tasty cooking meals.

At this precise moment there are several professional restaurants that are using our wood fired oven to cook meals for their clients. Pizzas sales are improving restaurant’s profit.

For technical questions, about our MAXIMUS ovens, we invite you to call the (+44) 02036081382.