Wood Fired Ovens

Wood Fired Ovens

Wood Fired Ovens


The IMPEXFIRE(, online store) exports and builds the finestwood fired ovens for home and garden.  You can also find them in caterers, bakeries and restaurants.

These ovens are really appreciated for home and business market. The reasons why they are so well-accepted have to do with their building design and the high quality of the materials used. They are built with the best brick and refractory mortar, in the world, to resist high temperatures. They were built to satisfy our client demand.

Whatever you can cook in your kitchen oven, you can cook in your woodfired oven: roast chickens, turkeys, steaks, seafood, stews, bread, desserts and of course pizzas!

Woodfired ovens can be used to cook pizza, roast, bread and other traditional dishes. Their performance is exceptional in what concerns fast, tasty cooking meals.


Sharing a meal with friends around a wood burning oven it’s a true moment of joy.